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Information and Communication Technologies Unit


 The Unit has a responsibility to:

  1. Set direction and plans for the ICT architecture and infrastructure of ZIMCHE;
  2. Implement and maintain a robust, scalable and cost-effective ERP system;
  3. Establish HEMIS and through it implement an ICT infrastructure that transforms the organization and the sector into a technology driven higher education system;
  4. Provide end-user training and support of implemented solutions;
  5. Develop, maintain and ensure compliance of policies, standards and procedures pertaining to ICT infrastructure within the organization; 
  6. Implement and maintain cyber security standards, policies and procedures adequate to protect the information against threats and risks identified internally and externally in line with the mission critical of/and ZIMCHE systems;
  7. Provide technical support to events organized by ZIMCHE.
  8. Digitisation of records/Records Management office and development of a policy to manage records.