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Quality Assurance and Internal Audit Unit

The Unit has a responsibility to:


  1. Develop and execute a flexible audit plan on internal controls and quality assurance issues;
  2. Carry out ad-hoc audits;
  3. Evaluate risk exposure relating to achievement of the organization’s strategic objectives and make appropriate recommendations;
  4. Review the reliability and integrity of information, the means used to identify, measure, classify and report such information;
  5. Analyse and review the systems established to ensure compliance with policies, plans, procedures, laws and regulations that have a significant impact on the organization;
  6. Monitor and evaluate internal control systems and processes and advise accordingly;
  7. Advise management on emerging trends and best practices;
  8. Cooperate with other external auditors, as appropriate, for providing optimal audit coverage;
  9. Implement any special task or projects as requested by the CEO;
  • Provide audit reports and other periodic updates to the CEO and Audit Risk Committee.