1. Letter specifying the need for assessment. This should include the applicant’s contact physical address, telephone numbers, and e-mail address.
  2. Copy of each certificate along with its transcript set out in the correct order from the highest to the lowest qualification e.g. The Doctoral certificate on the top and the “O” Level certificate at the bottom ( 4 sets of these documents).
  3. Transcript(s) of qualification(s) to be assessed should show the courses that were studied, duration of the programme of study, the passes attained supported by a key to the grading system applicable and the awarding institution’s official stamp and signatories.
  4. Copies of institutionally certified syllabus or course outlines/course synopsis should be availed where possible.
  5. All documents should be in the original language of issue and, where the language is not English, submit authenticated English translation of each document bearing the official seal of Embassies accredited to Zimbabwe or the Embassy of Zimbabwe accredited to the country where the qualification was awarded.
  6. All copies of documents that are submitted for determination of local equivalency/assessment of qualifications should be certified by the Commissioner of Oaths.
  7. Supply the website address of the institution where you obtained the qualification(s) to be assessed.
  8. Prescribed assessment fee in cash or bank cheque payable to the Zimbabwe Council for Higher Education.

Submission of documents

  1. Bring documents to ZIMCHE (Harare) offices in person .N.B. Original copies of all certificates should be presented to the officer receiving the request for assessment to verify their authenticity before processing. DO NOT LEAVE THE ORIGINAL CERTIFICATES BEHIND.
  2. If you cannot come to the ZIMCHE offices call the Finance section of ZIMCHE to make payment arrangements. Scan certified copies of the required documents, including proof of payment, and email them to email address Follow up with a phone call.The applicant should make sure that all information found at the back of any of these documents is on copies submitted. This is crucial information for assessment purposes. Results of the assessment will be communicated to the applicant in writing. This should be expected after a minimum period of four weeks. Inquiries can be directed to the Principal Director, Registration and Accreditation. Zimbabwe Council for Higher Education.