Zimbabwe Council
for Higher Education
Zimbabwe Council For Higher Education
Chief Executive Officer, Prof. K. P. Dzvimbo
Zimbabwe Ezekiel Guti University
Is a degree awarding institution accredited by the Zimbabwe Council of Higher Education (ZIMCHE) offering internationally recognised degrees in various faculties. As a Christian University, ZEGU creates a rare opportunity for the development of minds, hearts and hands in the fear of God. In its endeavour to develop a total person who can bring solutions to the world, ZEGU has an academic thrust of entrepreneurial development.
National University of Science and Technology
The National University of Science and Technology strives to become a flourishing and reputable institution not only in Zimbabwe and in Southern Africa but also among the international fraternity of Universities. Its guidance, cultural values is the encouragement of all its members and society of those attitudes of fair-mindedness, understanding, tolerance and respect for people and views which are essential for the attainment and maintenance of justice, peace and harmony at all times.
The Zimbabwe Open University (ZOU) is a State University mandated by the government of Zimbabwe through an Act of Parliament, ZOU Act (Chapter 25:20) to provide Higher Education through Open and Distance electronic Learning (ODeL).Established in 1999, the State University operates under the Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development.
Chinhoyi University of Technology
Chinhoyi University of Technology is an educational institution whose mandate is teaching, learning and research as well as community service. It awards diplomas and degrees for varying subjects or programmes which have a technological bias. The main focus of Chinhoyi University of Technology is to lead the way in finding solutions to national problems
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The Zimbabwe Council for Higher Education was established to promote and co-ordinate education provided by institutions of higher education and to act as a regulator in the determination and maintenance of standards of teaching, examinations, academic qualifications and research in institutions of higher education.