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The Zimbabwe Council for Higher Education was created through an act of parliament Chapter 25:27 which was promulgated in 2006. The act establishes ZIMCHE and the procedures for the registration and accreditation of institutions of higher education.


The mandate of ZIMCHE is to promote and co-ordinate education provided by institutions of higher education and to act as a regulator in the determination and maintenance of standards of teaching, examinations, academic qualifications and research in institutions of higher education.


Functions of  ZIMCHE without prejudice to the generality of section 5, are

  1. to advise the Minister on all higher education matters; and
  2.  to develop and recommend policy on higher education including the establishment of public institutions and advise the Minister accordingly; and
  3.  to accredit institutions of higher education; and
  4. to design and recommend an institutional quality assurance system for higher education, that is, a system whereby the courses, programmes and degrees offered by institutions are evaluated on a regular and objective basis, and to recommend to the Minister institutional quality assurance standards for:
    1. the establishment, standardization and accreditation of institutions of higher education including standards of the physical plant and equipment; and
    2. the preparation and amendment of university charters and statutes; and
    3. the development of curricula; and
    4. the standards of libraries; and
    5. the safety standards of laboratories and workshops; and
    6. student transfer between programmes and institutions of higher education; and
  5. to advise on the shape and size of the higher education system; and
  6.  to advise on the budgeting and funding arrangements for higher education for public institutions; and
  7. to assist institutions of higher education in the training of high calibre staff; and
  8. to promote equity in access to higher education through the provision of student assistance programmes; and
  9. to promote international co-operation and facilitate exchanges in higher education; and 
  10. to assess foreign qualifications
  11. to perform any other functions that the Minister may deem necessary
  12. to develop and implement an accreditation and evaluation framework for learning programmes leading to the National Qualifications Framework Register of qualifications offered by institutions of higher education in Zimbabwe in accordance with Second Schedule of the Zimbabwe Council for Higher Education Act (Section7 (5))