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Webinar on Best Practices of Online Teaching and Learning – Special Focus on Teaching Physical Sciences

The ZIMCHE in partnership with stakeholders will be hosting a webinar entitled, the ‘Best Practices of Online Learning with a focus on physical sciences teaching. This will bring together local speakers with others from across the global higher education sector to share and discuss the experiences and challenges of online learning in physical sciences. 

Due to the global pandemic, the past years have seen a massive rise in online and remote learning, something which was completely alien to many HE -teaching professionals. This transition inevitably led to challenges and lessons being learned about the best way to conduct remote learning sessions to maintain teaching effectiveness.  

Considering the disruption of COVID 19 and the resurgence of the utility of the affordances of ICTs, what is the future of blended teaching in our system especially in the physical sciences. What are the best practices that can be shared with faculty? To ensure that all faculty in charge of teaching and learning physical sciences a webinar will be held on the 9th of June 2022. Participants will be required to register starting at 930am. The talks will start at 10am until 1230pm.

The following categories of staff are encouraged to attend:

  1. PVC (Academic programmes)
  2. Internal Quality Assurance staff
  3. Deans of Physical Science Programmes
  4. Administrative staff in Physical Science programmes
  5. Chairpersons and coordinators of Departments in the Science
  6. Faculty teaching Physical Science programmes.

Each relevant degree programme must be represented in all the Universities accredited by the ZIMCHE.


930 to 955Registration of participants Dr Hapanyengwi
1000- 1010Introduction and objectivesProf K. P DzvimboProf Gumbo
1010-1030Overview of LMS and challenge managementMr Chinofunga (CUT)Dr Hapanyengwi
1030-1100Teaching mathematics online- synchronous and asynchronous  Prof Kevin Pitts (University of Toronto)Prof Niang
1100-1115Practitioner experiences on e-Learning adoption, support, and adaptation for STEM learning environments at NUST  Dr Phuthi (NUST)Dr Nechibvute
1115-1140Use of simulations in virtual and remote laboratories to enhance teaching and learning in the large science classes.Prof Mashonjowa (UZ)Prof Nyamugure
1140-1210Technology enhanced learning in the physical sciences- focus online assessments -SAProf Tukayi Kudanga (Durban University of Technology)Dr Musengi
1210-1230Question and AnswerAll presentersDr Siziba