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ZIMCHE Helps Enhance the Capacity of University Libraries

As the nation strives towards realising NDS 1 and Vision 2030, human capital development anchored on the Heritage-based education 5.0 philosophy remains a key success factor, with universities being the main catalyst. To this end, over and above its regulatory function, the ZIMCHE is deliberately making efforts to help higher education institutions (HEIs) achieve and maintain high-quality standards through various initiatives. One such initiative aimed at enhancing the capacity of university libraries has seen the ZIMCHE distributing a wide range of books to HEIs.

The books cover several disciplines, including Medicine and Health Sciences, Computer Science, Engineering, and Physical and Biological Sciences. Beneficiaries of the latest donation were drawn from the country’s northern region and comprised universities that had not received direct donations in the past. The universities included Women’s University in Africa, Catholic University of Zimbabwe, Harare Institute of Technology, Zimbabwe Ezekiel Guti University, Africa University, Marondera University of Agricultural Sciences and Technology, Manicaland State University of Applied Sciences, Great Zimbabwe University, Bindura University of Science Education and Zimbabwe Open University.

The books were sourced from Book Aid International and other partners through the Rotary Clubs of Harare.

In keeping with its quality assurance standards and, more specifically, Standard 5 on Infrastructure, ICT & Library Resources, the ZIMCHE continues to assist universities to ensure that they provide library and information resources with an appropriate level of recency, depth and breadth to support their active teaching, learning, research, innovation and administrative needs.