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ZIMCHE Webinar Series: Data Analytics and its significance in University Administration

The Zimbabwe Council of Higher Education continues to mount a series of webinars in an effort to improve our efficiencies as the university community.  We are pleased to announce our next installment of the webinar series which is on Data Analytics to be held on the 16th of February 2022 from 0900am to 1200pm

Webinar on Data Analytics

Data Analytics is a business enabler.  It is best used and understood if the owner of the business and hence of the data understands the underlying value of the data.  Repeated actions in how things are done coupled with dependencies in how things operate is embedded and reflected in the data.  These insights coming from accumulated data will best assist in decision making, forecasting, and perfection of running a complex institution like a university.

Topics to be covered

This is a three-hour webinar which has the following topics

  1. Understanding the difference: What is data analytics?
  2. ICT Business Alignment: the basics which will make it all work
  3. It is all within the data: How do we ensure that the correct data is gathered.
  4. Use of analytics in decision making: examples in a university setting.

Who should attend?

This webinar is meant for executive and senior members of the university community.


  1. Tatenda Duncan Kavu(PhD) is a Computer Scientist. He has been working in the field of Web Mining, Recommender Systems and Machine Learning for 8 years. He is particularly interested in the application of the techniques of Machine Learning in user personalization and user modelling. He is also interested in data analytics and he is one of the pioneers of the MSc in Business data analytics offered at Chinhoyi University of Technology and in that regard he has done many industrial projects (in Zimbabwe and Rwanda) in the field of AI and data analytics. He is currently working on AI projects with the HIKER research group (An International research group on Health Informatics and Knowledge Engineering).
  2. Glen Barnes – IDSC Consulting South Africa
  3. G. T. Hapanyengwi – ZIMCHE