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Academic and Institutional Audits Directorate



1.Align existing audit instruments to the National Vision 2030, the national higher education critical strategic documents (ZNQF, Ministry Doctrine, Industrial Parks and 2018 National Skills Audit Report) and Minimum Bodies of Knowledge (MBKs);

2.Review audit standard operating procedures (SOPs) and policies, to align them to new national strategic thrust;

3.Develop new audit instruments that respond to the new national strategic thrust for the industrialisation and modernisation of Zimbabwean;

4.Carry out audits of all Higher Education Institutions (HEIs);

5.Review HEIs staff appointment, grading and promotions criteria and procedures;

6.Collect, process, analyse and facilitate the publication and distribution of higher education statistics;

7.Promote student and staff welfare in HEIs;

8.Assess and report on the impact of HEIs on social and national development;

9.Conduct research on higher education;

10.Establish and run the ZIMCHE documentation and information centre; and

11.Develop, monitor and make appropriate recommendations on the shape and size standards of the higher education system.