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Human Resources, Administration and Finance Directorate



  • Human Resources

Responsible for management of human resource function including:-

  1. Recruitment
  2. Placement
  3. Staff welfare (including health and safety)
  4. Salary administration
  5. Performance monitoring
  6. Servicing of Committees

Administration – Asset management, fleet management, physical plant


  1. Fleet management
  2. Infrastructural development and maintenance
  3. Providing effective insurance for assets


Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets

  1. Procurement of quality goods and services for Council at fair cost
  2. Organising the disposal of public assets in terms of the Act (Chapter 22:23).


  1. Efficient and transparent management and control of resources.
  2. Provision of cost effective services throughout the Council activities.
  3. Minimisation of risks.
  4. Formulation and implementation of internal control systems that safeguard the Council’s assets and resources.
  5. Preparation and submission of annual Financial Statements in respect of all Council funds and assets to external auditors in line with International Accounting Reporting Standards.
  6. Preparation for external audit and providing audit responses.
  7. Maintenance of up to date records of resources and investments.
  8. Preparation and coordination of the Council Budget Estimates of income and expenditure for the following year.
  9. Servicing of Committees.